Thursday, August 29, 2019


God is to be loved and admired for His creations,
HE made us so capable so that we can be in His successions.

We should closely look at ourselves, be happy for our positives,
And we should start working on the negatives.

Our hands should be ready to work hard and help others,
The less capable, the needy ones and all our fellow brothers.

God is to be loved and admired for His creations,
He made us so capable so that we can be in his successions.

Temples and mosques are made to give us peace and hence make us capable,
We should not go there just to open our hands and ask like a miserable.

We don't need to tell Him anything,
He is both in and out and He ofcourse knows EVERYTHING.

God is to be loved and admired..................

He is vast, much beyond our imagination,
We are only needed to be, "one" with Him and see our "real destination".

He is everywhere, in all creatures, all plants and all His creation,
We are in Him and He is inside us, the only problem is our visual contamination.

God is to be loved and admired..............................

Thank you

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

My son

Today you were born and you came in my lap,
The experience was painful and stressful so I could hardly take a nap. 

A new journey of life began with you, 
I smiled when you smiled and I also cried with you. 

There were both happy and sad moments, 
And I lived proudly watching all your beautiful movements. 

You started growing and I also grew up with you, 
And in all these years I could recognize people "WITH" me and you.

There were some true well wishers but others were just a "SHOW",
and I thanked my God for always correcting all my flaw. (but still i have many flaws) 

I love you my son for whatever you are, 
My love is unconditional like the sunshine falling every "near and far". 

Thank you.. :-) 

Friday, August 9, 2019


I love the way you care,
the joy, the happiness, the beautiful moments you share.

Life has been a wonderful thing,
the moment you came and I got everything.

You are the most decent person around,
always honest and always true in your sound.

The time will come and of course it will go,
and in every moment your love will flow.